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Common Misconceptions About Used Furniture

There can be several myths surrounding second hand furniture items that do not necessarily reflect the reality of purchasing used office products. Used office furniture is a brilliant way of recycling old furniture that would of other wise possibly ended up in landfills and damaging the environment. Therefore, opting for second hand furniture is not only an affordable alternative to new, but also benefits ecosystems and reduces environmental impact.

However, it is important to dismiss any misconceptions to help businesses make informed decisions. Here are seven common myths about used office furniture:

Poor quality

One prevalent myth is that used office furniture is of poor quality. When in reality, many pieces of furniture are of excellent condition and have been well looked after. At ORS, you can often find furniture items that offer the same level of durability and functionality as new. Whilst some pieces may show signs of wear and tear, this will always be listed in the description of a product and may even be reduced to a discounted price. However, despite this, products are still fully operative and work just as good as new.


Outdated style

Some may believe that second hand products are outdated in terms of style and design. However, this is far from true as the availability of different styles and designs in the market for used furniture allows business to find pieces that match their preference and aesthetic of their office. We stock high quality and reputable brands like Herman Miller and Orangebox in second hand, in stock available to purchase, all varying in designs and models to suit any office.


Limited options

Another misconception is that there are limited options when it comes to buying second hand. The used furniture market is extremely diverse, offering a wide range of options in terms of styles, brands and types of furniture. We carry plenty of used items in stock every week and keep our website updated regularly for customers to see what is currently available. We can find everything from traditional to modern pieces. We have everything from seating, desks, storage and office accessories to pick from.


Unhygienic or dirty

Some people may think that used furniture is unhygienic or dirty due to the nature of it being previously used/owned by someone prior. While it is essential to inspect used furniture before purchasing, ORS as a seller have routine checks to clean and refurbish items before putting them on the market for the public or a business to buy. We have our own in-house furniture cleaner whose job role involves solely cleaning our used products to ensure they are in acceptable quality to give to our clients. Therefore, removing any stress from customers who may be concerned about hygiene and quality of our furniture.


Short lifespan

There is a belief that used furniture has a shorter lifespan in comparison to new furniture. The lifespan of office furniture all depends on factors such as materials, construction and maintenance. Well – maintained used products can have a considerable lifespan, especially if the item wasn’t in use for a long period of time. Our furniture can have a lengthy lifespan if the pervious owner and both the customer takes great care of the item, thus resulting in less wastage.

Difficult to find matching pieces

People may find it challenging to find matching items when buying used furniture compared to buying new online where they may be more accessible. However, at ORS we can link related items to our products listed on the website that match, or even have sets come into stock that come as matching sets already. Making it possible to maintain a cohesive and uniform look in your office. If you’re struggling to find used furniture that fits with the aesthetic of your workspace, our team can help find you the best products for you.


Only suitable for temporary use

It is a common myth that used furniture is only suitable for temporary use. In reality, many businesses may opt for second hand items for long term use as it is much more cost effective and, if well maintained, is just as good quality as new furniture. There are many benefits for using used furniture for long term use and is overall a more sustainable choice for yourself and the environment.


It’s crucial for businesses to approach the purchase of used office furniture with an open mind and conduct thorough inspections to ensure the quality and sustainability of the pieces for their workspace. Choosing used furniture as an alternative is a great option and has many advantages to consider for your working environment.