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How to Personalise Your Office Space

Customising your office is a great way to create a workspace that is not only functional, but also reflects your personality and promotes productivity. Whether it’s an office shared with other employees, or you work from home, it’s important to incorporate your own style in order for your space to have its own personal touch. Small unique differences to your office can make a significant change to your work ethic and motive you even more just by your area being more pleasing on the eye. Here are some tips to help customise your office.

Choose the right office furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your office can make a big difference to your office, as it will take up most of your space in the room. Therefore, you will want to utilise your area using stylish yet practical furniture. Investing in a comfortable and ergonomic chair to support good posture is a staple in any office. Your chair is where you will be for the majority of your day, so you will want to make sure it suits your body frame and you’re positioned perfectly in line with your computer screen. You will also want to select a spacious and functional desk that suits your work requirements. If you need plenty of room for your work, ensure that you have a desk that is big enough for your tasks, and fits nicely within the room.

Personalise with décor

Personal touches such as artwork, photographs or items that inspire you, are great ways of customising your workspace. Even something as simple as changing your desktop wallpaper to images that resonate with you is a brilliant way of modifying your area and making it your own. Choosing colours that evoke a positive and energising atmosphere is another way of switching up your office which also helps motivate colleagues and brightens up the room. Why not theme your office using company colours? Keeping your colour scheme cohesive and aligning with your brand allows the area to look uniform and fits with the aesthetics of the company. We have plenty of matching furniture products of all colours to help form a coordinated office space.

Another method to decorate your space is by using plants. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, office plants offer a wide range of benefits that can have a significant impact on both the physical and mental well-being of employees. They can help increase productivity, due to their relaxing nature, whilst reducing stress levels. Making it the perfect addition to your office by bringing some greenery into the room.

Organise effectively with storage units

Using organisational tools such as shelves, cabinets and pedestals within your office keeps clutter at bay and allows you to maintain a tidy room. Investing in storage solutions that fit with your workflow is a way to keep projects structured in an organised manner and works differently for each person. Some people may require extra storage underneath as well as on their desk. Whereas some may need little storage. Personalising your storage by using labels to categorise items to make them easier to find is also a great tip when designing your office and will be a useful tool for staff.

The matrix storage units are completely customisable and can be tailored to how much or little storage you may need. This flexible range can act as a room divider or just a simple storage solution with a range of accessories to customise or incorporate biophilic design into an area. There are plenty of different ways to construct your storage, the choice is yours!

Upgrade your office lighting

Upgrading your lighting is an important step when personalising your office as it can affect your ability to work efficiently. Therefore, you must ensure that you have ample, well distributed lighting to reduce eye strain. Also, by using natural light whenever possible will open up your office space, making it appear more spacious than it may be in reality. Positioning desks near windows is a great way of utilising natural light.

Productive layouts

Creating a productive layout by arranging furniture in a way that creates an efficient and comfortable workflow for yourself and staff members not only keeps your area organised, but also saves valuable work time. Keeping frequently used items within arm’s reach to minimise distractions is a great technique to stay more focused and concentrated on work without having to walk across the room to grab an item.

Pedestals that fit nicely underneath or next to your desk are a great way to maintain and organise items, whilst keeping them nearby. We have plenty of used and new pedestals available to choose from.

Incorporating technology

Integrating technology seamlessly into your workspace with cable organisers and charging stations upgrades your office significantly. In a world where we commonly rely on technology for work, it is vital that your technology is up to date and working smoothly to enhance your tasks at work. Investing in gadgets and tools such as desk risers and electrical products that aid productivity and make work easier is also a great addition to your office.

Sound management

Using acoustic panels and columns within the office is an excellent method of managing sound, whilst also looking stylish to add to your work area. This can minimise distractions and block out disturbances from external areas whilst allowing you to stay concentrated at your desk. At ORS we have some brilliant acoustic columns that double up with multi uses such as coat hooks, planter boxes and power sockets, helping you utilise your space as much as possible. Or why not try out an acoustic pod within your workspace? Using acoustics pods and booths throughout your office allows a space for colleagues and guests to find a quite space for calls or meetings whilst eliminating any disruptions. Check out our acoustic pods on our website, we have both new and used products at excellent prices.

Try out our 3D planning service!

To conclude, there are many different strategies to customise your office to make it your own and feel a sense of belonging, whether that be using technology, a certain colour scheme or furniture that suits your body perfectly. It is always important to feel happy and comfortable within your workspace, and at ORS, we can help you personalise your office to exactly what your needs require. We provide a free 3D planning service, meaning we can customise your workspace to exactly what you are envisioning and bring your ideas to life! Get in contact with our team today to help create your dream office.