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Furniture Trends for Offices and Remote Working

The flexible workspace trend shows no signs of slowing down, and office furniture will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the workforce. Whether it’s supporting remote collaboration, prioritizing employee well-being, or embracing sustainable practices, the office furniture industry is at the forefront of shaping the future of workspaces. As businesses adapt to the dynamic nature of work, innovative furniture solutions will play a crucial role in creating environments that inspire creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Due to businesses embracing flexible work and remote collaboration, the demand for innovative office furniture has surged and certain trends have become more prominent. Here are some examples of current workspace trends to keep up to date with.

Technology Integration

The integration of technology into office furniture is a growing trend, as companies seek seamless connectivity and collaboration. Smart desks with built-in charging ports, video conferencing furniture, and modular power solutions are becoming a popular form of integrating furniture into electronic devices. This trend of flexible working will only continue to develop as technology becomes more advanced and the rising use of AI can assist employees in their work.

Sustainability and Second Hand

Environmental consciousness is influencing the choice of office furniture, with businesses opting for more sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Aligning with sustainable values, ORS frequently carries out eco-friendly choices for businesses by offering second hand furniture, sustainable fabrics, and office clearance services. Due to the rise in environmental impact, it is important for companies to make environmental conscious choices regarding their furniture and has been popular alternative to new products for many years.

Ergonomic Furniture

Blurring the lines between office and home environments, ergonomic considerations have become paramount. Furniture designs have now begun to incorporate features that prioritise employee health and wellbeing, using products such as sit stand desks, ergonomically designed chairs, and furniture that actively encourages movement throughout the day. The focus on health within the workplace is now being seen as more of an investment piece for offices to advocate for more productivity and satisfaction for staff members.


Agile Workspaces

The rise of flexible workspaces has prompted a revolution in office furniture design. Companies are now prioritizing agility and multifunctionality, seeking furniture solutions that can easily adapt to different work scenarios. In modern office landscapes, people are now choosing to opt for multifunctional storage, adjustable desks and modular seating. Choosing furniture that has more adaptability to your space allows you to utilise your office area without the need to compromise on style.

Customisation for brand identity

As companies strive to create unique and inspiring work environments, customisation has become a key trend in office furniture. Businesses are investing in furniture that reflects their brand identity, using customised colours in their furniture to foster a sense of community amongst employees. Using company colours within the office presents a cohesive look within the area and gives your workspace a feeling of individuality. At ORS, we have plenty of furniture of all colours to choose from to align with your office and help follow the scheme of your company. Using our 3D planning service, we can tailor your space specifically for you, using 3D drawings to create an environment that suits your needs.

Due to the shift towards more adaptable and flexible work environments, it’s important for businesses to follow these transitions and invest in office furniture that meets the needs of evolving workspaces. At ORS, we can help you follow the trends and give your office an up to date, fresh look using professional advice from our team members. Don’t hesitate to get in contact today!