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Modern Rectangular Evolve Shaped Table With Oak Or Ral Legs

Tips to Choose the Best Boardroom Table

How big should a boardroom table be? What shape of table is best suited to my office? Are these questions you’re asking yourself to find a suitable boardroom table? At ORS, we know that selecting the right table is a crucial decision and can greatly impact the productivity and atmosphere of your meetings. We have a wide range of options available, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the boardroom tables we sell, along with their unique features and benefits. We hope to give the tips you need to choose the best boardroom table for your office.


Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables are a classic choice for boardrooms. They offer a traditional and professional appearance and can easily accommodate a large number of attendees. Rectangular tables can be easily placed against walls to maximise floor space, or you can opt for a central placement to create a focal point in the room.

rectangular table with angled y legs

Circular Tables

Circular tables have a timeless appeal and encourage a collaborative atmosphere. These tables can create a more intimate and engaging environment for smaller boardroom settings.  With no distinct head or foot of the table, circular tables promote equal participation and foster teamwork. They are great for encouraging discussions, brainstorming sessions, and building consensus among meeting participants.


circular boardroom table

Boat Shaped Tables

Boat shaped tables feature a curved design that resembles the shape of a boat, with a wider middle section and tapered ends. These tables provide a modern and stylish look while offering ample space for meetings. The wider middle section allows for better visibility and interaction among participants, making them ideal for collaborative discussions or presentations.

boat shaped boardroom table

Double D End Tables

Double D end tables are characterised by their unique ‘D’ shaped ends, creating a distinctive look. These tables offer a more contemporary and executive feel to boardrooms. The rounded ends provide a focal point for the room and can facilitate a more intimate setting for important discussions or executive meetings.

double d end table pillar base

Triangular Tables

Triangular tables provide a modern and unconventional alternative to traditional boardroom tables. Their distinct shape encourages dynamic discussions by positioning participants at different angles. Triangular tables can be particularly suitable for creative and innovative businesses seeking to foster a unique and inspiring meeting environment.

triangular meeting room table with panel legs

Hexagonal Tables

Hexagonal tables feature a six-sided design, offering a memorable and distinctive look. The unique shape of a hexagonal table adds visual appeal to your boardroom. It serves as a centrepiece and can become a conversation starter during meetings. These tables provide a balanced seating arrangement and create a sense of equality among participants. They are great for businesses that prioritise inclusivity and encourage open communication during meetings.

hexagonal meeting room table with panel legs

Extension Tables

Extension tables offer flexibility and adaptability for boardrooms with varying seating requirements. These tables typically have an adjustable length that allows them to expand or contract based on the number of attendees. Extension tables are ideal for businesses that host meetings of different sizes or need the ability to rearrange the room layout occasionally.

extension table


At ORS, you can expect leading quality furniture at competitive prices and we are always happy to help you every step of the way. Choosing the right boardroom table for your office environment is important, so if you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.