TRM Power Module

Guide price: £92.40


  • USB A+C charging and the resettable 3A thermal fuses that provide extra safety, with a HMDI port
  • Two G type sockets have resettable 3A thermal fuses and individual ON/OFF switches
  • Fast USB charge features A+C Type, PD 3.0 & QC 3.0
  • Two multimedia blank plates can include RJ45 Cat6A, USB 3.0, or HDMI couplers
  • The module uses an easy-to-fit C-clamp
  • Designed to fit desk thickness between 15-45mm
  • All standard options come with a 0.5m drop lead to 3 Pole Connector
  • Available in black and white
  • Certified with BS5733, KM 686563

2A60T202 (Black) / 2A61T202 (White)

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