Iowa Straight Desk Screen with Triple Tool Rail – 380mm High

Net price: £137.15£241.80 + VAT


  • Aluminium Trim colour choice, Silver or White
  • Desk mounted screens are supplied with 16-33mm brackets as standard
  • Linking screens supplied with Double Finishing Strips, One Straight Linking, One Dog Bone 2/3/4 way Linking


  • IDT0380.600STX-600mm
  • IDT0380.800STX-800mm
  • IDT0380.1000STX- 1000mm
  • IDT0380.1200STX- 1200mm
  • IDT0380.1400STX- 1400mm
  • IDT0380.1600STX- 1600mm
  • IDT0380.1800STX- 1800mm
  • IDT0380.2000STX- 2000mm
  • IDT0380.2200STX- 2200mm

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Supplied as a pair. Speak to our sales team if you are unsure which brackets you require.

B001 16-33mm Bracket £0.00 B010 Paddle Bracket £0.00 B011 Bench Bracket £0.00 B023 20-47mm Bracket +£13.65 B004 45-75mm Bracket +£13.65 B009 Side Mount Bracket +£24.05 B038 Worktop Bracket +£13.65 B071 Extended Spigot Bench +£16.25 B020 Triple Tool Rail Bracket +£20.80 B005 Triple Tool Rail Monitor Arm +£18.85

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