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Office Furniture Investments For 2024

The best investment a person can make, are items that separate yourself from the ground. You’d happily spend money on a brand-new pair of shoes, or a new tyre for your car. So why wouldn’t you invest in your office furniture? Your body support and overall health should be a number one priority. Therefore, if you’re going to be spending 8 or more hours at the office, or you suffer with bad posture, it’s vital that you explore your options and put your money into items that will improve your health.

However, it may be difficult to determine what exactly is best for yourself and will be worth your money in the long run. For that reason, we have compiled a list of office furniture items that are worth considering investing your money into.

Used Office Seating

When it comes to bad posture, the main factor that comes into play is commonly where you are positioned for long periods of the day. If you work from home, whether that be a 9-5 job or completing university assignments, it can be a bad habit to want to work from the comfort of your own bed. For the meantime this may feel like the most comfortable option for you, however this can lead to long term health issues towards your body. Or maybe you’re at the office, sat at your desk in the same chair you have been for multiple years. This sounds like it may be time to switch up your seating.

Just because it’s an investment, doesn’t mean that you should break the bank. We have plenty of used office chairs available to you, from high end brands and excellent quality, for a fraction of the price. Reputable brands such as Herman Miller, Orangebox and Senator are a few examples of some of the second-hand products we stock. Ergonomically built to support your frame for extended periods of time. Investing in one of our used office chairs will not only enhance your posture for your body, but also save you a significant amount of money in comparison to buying new.



An investment option that is quite literally between you and the ground. A footrest. If you still find that you’re feeling some discomfort whilst sitting at your desk, a footrest is a brilliant solution to relieve stress from your body. We sell robust footrests to take the pressure off your feet and legs while working at your desk. Our adjustable footrests means that anyone can use them, even people who have larger feet, due to the adjustable height feature and large surface. This makes a footrest a great investment piece for staff and colleges to find comfort in the office.


Desk Riser

If you’re working from home and like the flexibility of having the option to stand whilst working, a desk riser is a great furniture item to invest in as they are extremely versatile and transportable. Whilst height adjustable desks can be expensive and difficult to assemble, a desk riser is a nice alternative as it can adapt to any environment and takes up less space than an average desk. Sitting at the same spot everyday can cause you to lean and slouch more often, which results in bad posture. Therefore, using a desk riser encourages yourself to stand up more often, straightening your spine and reducing neck pain. Another positive to using a desk riser is the adaptability of the product. They allow you to take your work on the go, no matter where you are. We have a variety of desk risers new and used at affordable prices to invest in.


Booth Seating

Using booth seating throughout your workplace can take an open plan office space and section it into a quiet place for colleagues to work privately. They also are a great way for students to collaborate and work together on group projects during the day. Whatever the use, they can transform a space, making it the perfect place to work independently away from disturbances. Investing in good quality booth seating can benefit staff members work ethic, whilst personalising your office with their unique look. If you’re wanting to change up your office for the new year, booths and pods are a fantastic addition to invest in, and we have plenty second hand options to choose from, to cut your budget in half.

DSE Approve Your Office

We have our own in house DSE assessor that can come out to your office and help DSE approve your workplace to ensure that your office is a safe environment for all colleagues. DSE covers many aspects of a working environment including desks, chairs, screens, keyboards and accessories.

If you think you would be interested, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team who can help give honest and professional advice about your enquiries to help find you the best furniture for your workplace. Email us info@orsuk.com or call on 01283741540.