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High End Office Chairs at Discounted Prices

At ORS, we know the right chair can make a significant difference in your workday, allowing for improved comfort and productivity. But we also understand that high end office chairs from renowned brands can be a little pricey sometimes! Don’t worry, that’s where we come in! We’ll introduce you to some of the premium brands of office chairs you can find on our website, all at cheaper and much more affordable prices.


Used Allermuir Office Chairs

Upgrade your workspace with the elegance and comfort of our used Allermuir office chairs – renowned for their contemporary and elegant design, making them a stylish addition to any office decor. These chairs are designed with your comfort in mind, ensuring a comfortable and productive work experience.


Used Herman Miller Office Chairs

When it comes to office chairs, Herman Miller is a name that stands tall. This American brand is considered one of the best in the industry. Our used Herman Miller office chairs live up to every expectation, with each chair built to provide good posture and support for users during long periods of sitting. Much like ourselves, Herman Miller strives to minimise the environmental impact of their products, with many of their chairs being designed with recyclable materials.


Used Vitra Office Chairs

With our collection of used Vitra office chairs, you can bring the elegance and prestige of this renowned brand into your office. Vitra is a Swiss furniture company who collaborate with some of the world’s most renowned designers and architects to create office chairs that represent the pinnacle of art and functionality.


Used Orangebox Office Chairs

Our used Orangebox office chairs are often considered an excellent choice for those seeking modern and ergonomic seating solutions. We have various models and upholstery options available to choose from, giving you the flexibility to select an Orangebox chair that complements your office decor and style.


Used Senator Office Chairs

For those looking for a classic and timeless design, our used Senator office chairs are the answer. This UK based office furniture manufacturer has a long standing reputation for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each office chair is engineered to withstand the rigours of daily use, and able to provide years of comfort and support.


senator office chair with headrest


Discover More Used Office Chairs at Great Prices


Don’t let cost hold you back from experiencing the comfort and productivity that a high end office chair can bring. All of our used office chairs have been carefully inspected and restored to ensure they meet our high standards for quality and performance. Browse the full range online today!