Used Furniture

Used furniture for office environments

Just as your company grows and evolves, the office space should reflect this. If you’re in charge of the office refurbishment, it can seem like an overwhelming project. This is often why businesses don’t transform their spaces – because of a lack of time. Investing in good office planning and quality used furniture is a essential way to update evolving working environments without the typical costs of new alternatives.

You can’t always change offices, but you can modify layouts to improve staff morale and promote productivity. Show your employees and even your clients who you are and what the company stands for, by choosing modern, ergonomically designed, quality used furniture to support their health, comfort and wellbeing. Our collections of used furniture are primarily chosen to provide comfort for your employees, and they will catch the eyes of your clients and visitors too.


Quality used furniture solutions for all office spaces


ORS UK is at the forefront of product sourcing, enabling us to provide a solution for every office and something to suit every budget. It’s a win-win. Invest in quality, ergonomic used furniture to promote innovation, movement, and growth.

Browse our used office furniture store for products suited to all types of office style, layout and function. From desks and seating to storage and screens, you can be assured of our high-quality products, superior design, and innovating technology within the marketplace. Once you’ve found the ideal products, need further details on any furniture or wish to discuss your requirements call our team now. You can be assured of tailored advice on suitability for your specific needs.