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Coat Stands

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Coat stands for the office

Coat stands are the ideal way to promote a clutter free environment t and to guarantee employees belongings are kept in a good condition and out of the way of desk spaces.

At ORS UK we offer a selection of coat stands that can be used for a wide range of clothing, umbrellas and bags.  A common health and safety issue for many office environments occurs when damp or very wet clothing is stored under desks close to cables and power sockets. This can resolved with a coat stand or rack where potentially damp clothing is isolated from electrical devices and cables in the office.

Our range of coat racks and coat stands features products in a wide variety of colour options and in a number of materials and finishes.


and this is particularly useful on rainy days when belongings will be damp. It is important to ensure that wet belongings do not come into contact with technology and plug sockets and so by investing in a coat stand you can protect your equipment and keep your staff safe.