Z: Medical Storage Cabinets

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First Aid/Medical Storage cabinets allow First aid supplies to be clearly identified, handled and stored correctly. The high visibility First Aid labelling complies to BS5609. Robust durable construction

  • Reinforced doors with clear labelling
  • First Aid supplies not included
  • Shelves with loading up to 85kg (UDL)
  • 2 keys with 10 disc lock with 3000 serial combinations
  • Ergonomic lock protects cupboard from key scratching
  • High Visibility 270 degree labelling conforming to BS5609
  • Main body of cupboard is White – Doors White


MED-R:     Standard Medical Cabinet       Supplied with 3 shelves
MED-S:      8 Compartment Med Cab       Supplied with 6 shelves
MED-X:     Slim Medical Cabinet                Supplied with 3 shelves
MED-W:    Personal Medical Cabinet       Supplied  Fixed Shelf + Rail
MED-T:      Low Medical Cabinet                Supplied with 1 shelf
MED-U:     Small Medical Cabinet             Supplied with 2 shelves
MED-V:     Cube Medical Cabinet              Supplied with 1 fixed

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