Z: Audio Leads
1 – 10 Metres

Net price: £3.43£5.95 + VAT


  • This range of  jack cable assemblies are an ideal addition to any set up for audio, visual or lighting connector applications
  • Designed with two 3.5 mm jack plugs with moulded boots, the cable assembly also offers strain relief to ensure long-lasting protection from splitting or damage, especially around the edge of the boot
  • 1 meter to 10 meter options
  • A £15 supplier delivery charge applies for orders under a minimum value. Our sales team will be able to advise you on 01283 741540.


  • 1MSTEREO3.5MM-M-M-  1 Metre AUDIO Lead (male to male)
  • 2MSTEREO3.5MM-M-M – 2 Metre AUDIO Lead (male to male)
  • 3MSTEREO3.5MM-M-M – 3 Metre AUDIO Lead (male to male)
  • 5MSTEREO3.5MM-M-M- 5 Metre AUDIO Lead (male to male)

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