Black Posturite Desk Rite 100 Desk Riser

Guide price: £150.00


Instantly convert any surface into a sit-stand desk with the
stylish DeskRite 100.  Simply pull the levers to move the dual-level surface to your desired height – whether sitting or standing, and enjoy a sturdy,
ergonomic, topple-resistant surface for your computer monitors, accessories, devices and papers.

The DeskRite 100 extends vertically, rather than pulling
forwards, resulting in a more streamlined, compact product.

  • Easily transform any surface into a sit-stand desk
  • Quick assembly
  • Smooth, easy-to-activate
  • Mechanism moves desk vertically within its own footprint for better balance with no impact on ‘corridor width’
  • Access to items on your desk e.g. telephone
  • Increase your activity levels by switching from sitting to
    standing throughout the day
  • Reduce your risk of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Smart matte black finish perfect for home or office use
  • 10 levels of height adjustment accommodating 76% of male
    and over 99% of female adult population
  • New this product is £249.95
  • Maximum weight limit for platform: 15 kg
  • Maximum weight limit for keyboard tray: 2kg
  • Height range: 120mm – 500mm
  • Overall width: 890mm
  • Overall depth: 600mm
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