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  • Polypropylene shell – available in Pastel Blue, Pastel Green or Grey finish
  • 4-leg, sled steel frame, puzzle or high stool frame  – black only (4-leg are stackable)
  • Suited to bistro, breakout, dining or cafe areas
  • Seat height: 450mm (high stool – total height 790mm)
  • Seat width: 440mm
  • Seat depth 380mm
  • Back height: 340mm
  • Back width: 430mm


  • AV01 – Polypropylene Shell, Black 4-Leg steel frame
  • AV02 – Polypropylene Shell, Black Sled steel frame
  • AV03 –Polypropylene Shell, Black Puzzle steel frame
  • AV04 – Polypropylene Shell, Black Eiffel beech frame
  • AV05 – Polypropylene Shell, Black High stool steel frame

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