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Choosing the Best Furniture for Your School

The classroom is more than just walls and boards; it’s a dynamic space where the right furniture can make all the difference. Furniture choices impact comfort, learning effectiveness, and classroom organisation. So whether you’re furnishing a primary school, a secondary school, or a higher education institution, we believe choosing the best furniture for your school is extremely important. Hence why we’ve made an article on it! Find out our top suggestions below:

What is the Age Range of Your Students?

First up, what is the age range of your students? Both primary schools and secondary schools have different needs in this regard.

For example, we find that younger children are often drawn to vibrant and bolder colours, and incorporating these shades into your classroom environment can have a positive impact on their learning experiences. Studies have shown that the use of bold and bright colours in educational settings can stimulate creativity, enhance engagement, and create a cheerful atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

stackable school chairs

In secondary schools, students are older and larger, so you’ll need furniture that is more robust and built to withstand increased wear and tear. Polypropylene task chairs are ideal in this regard as they are more resistant to scratches, dents and general wear.

Provide Comfortable Learning

When choosing school furniture, it’s essential to keep ergonomics in mind – not only as it keeps them comfortable, but it also supports their physical health.

Look for school furniture that meets the BSEN 1729 standard, which sets guidelines for the design and dimensions of school furniture to ensure ergonomic comfort. Ergonomically designed chairs and desks reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues and can enhance concentration during class.

Consider Storage Space

Cluttered classrooms can be distracting and disruptive in a learning environment. Adequate storage space is essential to keep classrooms organised and functional, so consider investing in cupboards which can accommodate storage bins. For primary schools, storage bins that are easily accessible to young students can be a great addition.

In secondary schools, lockers or cabinets for students to store their belongings can help maintain a neat classroom. In higher education settings, consider lockers with built-in charging stations and storage for laptops or textbooks.

Opt for Mobile Storage

In some cases, we think it’s beneficial to choose furniture with mobility features. For example, tray storage units with wheels, stackable desks and stackable chairs can all provide flexibility in arranging classrooms for different activities or events. Mobility can also aid in quick classroom reconfigurations.

triple bay tray storage

How Big is Your Classroom?

Classroom size plays a significant role in determining the appropriate furniture. In smaller classrooms, compact and space-saving furniture can help maximise the available area. Conversely, larger classrooms allow for more substantial and flexible furniture arrangements.

Consider the layout of your classrooms and choose furniture that optimises the use of space while maintaining a comfortable and functional learning environment.

What is Being Taught in Your Classroom?

The subject matter being taught in a classroom can influence the type of furniture needed. For instance, science and art tables are designed with wide, flat surfaces that provide ample space for students to work on their projects. Additionally, consider providing high chairs to allow students to work comfortably at elevated tables, helping to promote better posture and comfort.

stackable school desk

Incorporate the specific needs of each subject when selecting furniture to ensure that it supports the activities and requirements of the curriculum.

Buy High Quality School Furniture from ORS

When you’re ready to invest in the best furniture for your school, look no further than ORS. We understand the importance of creating a conducive learning environment and offer a wide range of high quality school furniture to meet your specific needs.