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Benefits of Buying Used Office Furniture

Second hand. Pre-owned. Used. What appears in your mind when you hear those terms? When it comes to office furniture you may be pleasantly surprised.

Whether you’re starting out in business, up-sizing, or down-scaling, fitting out an office can be an expensive endeavour. But have you ever considered the benefits of buying used furniture for your business? Let’s take a look at why buying used furniture can be a wise choice. Find out more below!



Used office furniture is available at a fraction of the price of its new, off-the-shelf equivalent, which gives you the luxury of opting for something that may have been financially out of your reach before. What’s more, used office furniture is often sold in a near-pristine condition. We’ve heard of instances where staff and procurement teams have been unable to distinguish between new and used furniture once it’s in situ.

Stock Availability

A new piece of office furniture can have a hefty lead time once you’ve placed your order. One of the benefits of buying used furniture is that we hold stock of what’s available, so once you’ve decided what you want, it’s yours!


By buying used furniture, you’re doing your bit to save the planet – one desk at a time. Opting for used furniture will take away almost 80% of the environmental impact of producing new furniture, including fossil fuels, raw materials, and the overall waste from the production process. With many businesses now becoming more environmentally aware, and introducing targets to reduce their carbon footprint, sustainability has to be a main benefit of buying used furniture.

We think you’ll be surprised at the favourable price-point and quality of our used furniture.